Registration of companies and accounting services


    We are a team of jurists and accountants specialized in the legal and economic systems of the two states with seats in the two countries. This allows us to offer comprehensive and competent services to you and your economic activity in Bulgaria and Romania.

     Based on our considerable experience, we offer our customers a full range of advice and assistance for starting a new business or developing an existing one.

  We of DiZi Cont offer you accounting services and full assistance in choosing the appropriate corporate form for registering a company, reregistration, changing the ownership, mergers and divisions of companies. Assistance to companies in difficulties, optimization of fiscal and customs liabilities. Providing full legal and accounting services.


Our team consists of highly qualified accountants and lawyers::

Zornitsa Dimitrova – Lawyer

Nikola Kolev  –Accountant

Teodor Angelov – Accountant

Catalina Matache  – Office Assistant

Diana Dimitrova  –Economist

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