Accounting, registration of companies and other services


Accounting, registration of companies and other services

Drawing up documents for the registration of companies, corporations, company branches and agencies, including offshore companies after choosing the appropriate legal form (Sole owner Ltd., Ltd., JSC, Sole Trader, Associations); ;

Providing a registered office address and an address for correspondence with all institutions;

Carrying out registration and deregistration under the VAT Law for Bulgarian and foreign companies;

Registration as EORI economic operators, registration of economic operators at the Customs Agency, registration on the Customs Agency website;

Restructuring, Liquidation and Bankruptcy procedures for Companies. Mergers, divisions of trading companies, reregistrations, reduction and increase of capital. Excluding a partner from an Ltd.;


  Your Bulgarian company can work perfectly in Romania as well! You can manage your business there without having to come to Bulgaria! In this case, the procedure is very simple and fast. Just make your registration here. You will save time and money. This will help you overcome bureaucratic difficulties. In future we will monitor for you any legal and legislative changes in Bulgaria and after a preliminary consultation we can decide together which form of work is the most beneficial to you!

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