Services related to the registration of companies, the field of accounting, permits, and other services in relation to the registration of companies

Drawing up documents for registration of companies, corporations, company branches and agencies, including offshore companies after choosing the appropriate legal form (Sole owner Ltd., Ltd., JSC, Sole Trader, Associations);

Providing a registered office address and an address for correspondence with all institutions;

Carrying out registration and deregistration under the VAT Law for Bulgarian and foreign companies;

Registration as EORI economic operators, registration of economic operators at the Customs Agency, registration on the Customs Agency website;

Restructuring, Liquidation and Bankruptcy procedures for Companies. Mergers, divisions of trading companies, reregistrations, reduction and increase of capital. Excluding a partner from an Ltd.;


Services in the field of accounting:

Operational accounting in conformity with the effective legislation;


Optimization and minimization of tax liabilities within the legal possibilities;

Providing accounting bookkeeping in accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations regarding taxes;

Tax protection during inspections and audits on submission of documents to the National Revenue Agency;

Preparing a strategy in case of possible appeal of NRA acts using administrative or judicial procedures;

VAT registration for foreign companies based within the territory of the EU with or without an accredited representative;

VAT refunds in Bulgaria and EU for natural and juridical persons;

Consultation on tax matters and cases;

Representation at the National Revenue Agency in case of inspections, cross-checks and audits, tax protection "Tax protection during inspections and audits for juridical and natural persons";

Weekend tax;

Labor and wages;

Taxation of natural persons for rents;


VAT refunds in Bulgaria and EU;

Taxation of electronic services;

Employment contracts and termination thereof;

Advance payments;

Customs documents and assistance on importing goods under Customs Tariff 42. Assistance on Imports from China, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, CUSTOMS REGIME 42 (deferred payment of VAT);


Licenses, permits and other services:

Obtaining a certificate of residence;

Providing an office for business meetings;

Acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship, providing an address (residence);

Assistance for obtaining visas; Assistance for the issuance of А1 Certificate for the EU;

Assistance for hiring workers in third countries;

Assistance for obtaining a blue card – work permit;

Licenses for transport, tax warehouse, security activity, trade in precious metals, weapons and ammunition, logging and processing, tourism; logging and wood processing, tourism;

License for employment agency or temporary employment;

Registration of motor vehicles, aircrafts, vessels, cargo, etc.;

Assistance in case of impounded driving licenses and acts of the AUTOMOBILE INSPECTORATE IN BULGARIA AND ROMANIA;

Registration with the Chamber of Builders;

ISO certification;

Тrademark – registration;

Occupational medicine;

Drawing up and submitting declarations for the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) for accounts receivable and payable abroad or for bank accounts opened abroad;

Drawing up documents for obtaining bank loans;

Acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship;

Personal Data Protection law;

Blue Card work permit;