Frequently Asked Questions


Do you register companies?

–  DiZi Cont makes registrations of companies, drawing up all necessary documents according to the Commercial Law in conformity with the company’s legal form, objects, share capital amount, and choice of managers and members, verifying and reserving the name of the company.

What are the Registered Office address and the address for correspondence with the institutions where the company will be registered?

– On signing a contract for accounting services for 1 year, we provide free of charge a registered office address and a correspondence address in the following cities: Ruse, Sofia, Plovdiv and Gabrovo. We can also use an address provided by the owner of the shares.

Who makes the payment of the state charges for the registration of the company?

– We offer this service, too, but you can also make these payments yourselves.


Who deposits the share capital of the company?

– The share capital of the company shall be deposited personally by the owners at a bank of your choice in a special account.

Who submits the documents for registering the company with the Trade Registry?

– The documents can be submitted personally by the Manager of the company or by an authorized lawyer DiZi Cont works with.

Who carries out the VAT registration and how much does it cost?

– For customers who have signed a contract for accounting services for 1 year, this service is offered free of charge. Registration is completed within 14 days.

Can I get a free consultation?

– DiZi Cont offers free consultations.

Can you assist me with the issuance of a license?

– DiZi Cont offers assistance by drawing up documents, submitting and receiving them.

Can I refund VAT in Bulgaria and EU?

– DiZi Cont refunds VAT within the territory of Bulgaria and EU in compliance with the effective legislation.

Can I get an А1 Certificate?

– DiZi Cont offers assistance for the issuance of А1 Certificates in compliance with the effective legislation.

What is customs regime 42 and can imports to Bulgaria and EU be made under this regime?

– DiZi Cont offers assistance in importing to Bulgaria and EU and it works with one of the most important Customs agents in Bulgaria.

Can you reserve a trademark for me?

– DiZi Cont offers assistance for registering trademarks.


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